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“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”
Abraham Lincoln


“We are still masters of our fate.
We are still captains of our souls.”
Winston Churchill



James A. (Jim) Baker, Company Director

Houston Texas - Dallas Texas - San Antonio Texas
Certified Training & Court Ordered Anger Class & Court Mandated Anger Course
Training and Certification Classes & One on One Coaching for:

Anger Management Therapist
Anger Resolution Therapist
Anger Management Counselors

Anger & Verbal Abuse Therapist Certification

Who is Jim Baker?
James A. (Jim) Baker is a long-time resident of Houston, Texas. He received his B.S. from the University of Rochester, his certification in Behavioral Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, an M.S. from the State University of New York, and attended South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. Jim is a co-founder of the National Center for Dispute Settlement of the American Arbitration Association, a past instructor for the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University and an Adjunct Professor for the University of Houston. Jim remains an active sponsor and author with "The Anger Busting Workbook", the "Anger Busting™ Training and Counseling Guide" “TeleSales Marketing” and “Negotiations Tactics For Professionals” are a few of his recent publications. James A. (Jim) Baker is also a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and an active member and councilor of the American Association of Christian Counselors. (AACC) If you have an anger problem or are interested in helping or working with active anger abusers or victims please contact Jim. Please review prior to contacting Jim.

Some of Jim Baker’s Past and Present Board Memberships, Commissions, and Honors include:

  • Founder of the Anger Management Training Institute LLC
  • Chairman & CEO of Baker Communications Inc. 
  • Baker Communications was an INC 500 company for three consecutive years
  • Greater Houston Partnership – Board of Directors 1996 - 2005
  • Industria Solutions Inc. Business-2-Business E-commerce Gulf Coast President 1999 – 2001
  • DuPont Corporation Senior Consultant 1998 – present
  • American Association of Christian Counselors Advisor & Counselor
  • Bradmark Technologies Inc. Board of Directors 1998 - 2003
  • Governor George Bush’s Business Council 1995 - 2000
  • Governor Rick Perry’s Business Council 2001 - present
  • Founding Board Member – Houston Drug Free Business Initiative
  • Board Member – South Texas College of Law Board of Visitors
  • Member – Executive Committee of the Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities
  • Disabilities (appointed by the Governor of Texas)
  • Member – Statewide Media Task Force on Dropout Prevention (appointed by the Governor of Texas)
  • Harris County Co-Chairman – George W. Bush for Governor Campaign – 1994
  • Board of Directors – Corp. for Economic Development of Harris County, Inc.
  • Elected Alderman – City Council Piney Point Village (1992, reelected 1994
  • Deputy Police Commissioner – City of Piney Point Village Police
  • Member "C Club" – 100-member conservative political alliance (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents)
  • Board of Directors – Cenikor – Drug Rehabilitation Center
  • Member – American Arbitration Association
  • Board of Directors – Houston Symphony
  • Lifetime Member – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Jim Baker


James A. (Jim) Baker can be reached via email at


Online Anger Class

Anger Busting Course
24 Lesson Program
for $45.00

The Online Anger Busting Course addresses the information that everyone needs to know in order to develop a healthier, more constructive approach to dealing with anger.
Court Required
Training Certification

Online Anger Busting
Anger Management Course

When the judge or your spouse or your boss says you need to get into an anger management program and change NOW, the last thing you want to do is spend the next 2 months going to a meeting once a week and listen to some guy lecture you on how to straighten out your head. With your marriage or your job on the line – not to mention a possible trip to jail – you want to get started immediately, so you can fix what needs to be fixed and get on with your life.



For only $45.00, the comprehensive and powerful Online Anger Busting
Anger Management Course can help you begin to CHANGE NOW

That is the beauty of my Anger Busting Online Anger Management Course – you can get started today! You will have three (3) months access to the Online Course so that can move at your own pace without being held back by a class full of people you don’t have a thing in common with except the need to get your anger under control. With my online course, you can cut through the red tape and get right down to business. The sooner you start and the harder you work, the quicker you will begin to make progress and get your life back.

Here is what the course covers:

Lesson 1 – Consequences of Anger on Relationships, Employment and Health

Lesson 2 – Relationship of Anger to Addictive Behaviors

Lesson 3 – Understanding the Nature of Anger and Recognizing Anger Styles

Lesson 4– Ungrieved Losses as a Clue to Chronic Anger

Lesson 5 – Taking Your Anger Pulse, Assessment Tools for Physical and Emotional Symptoms of Problem Anger

Lesson 6 – Anger Triggers and the Relationship Between Situations, Belief Systems and Emotions

Lesson 7 – Replacing Irrational Thoughts With Rational Ones

Lesson 8 – Ego States That Can Produce Irrational Anger; Understanding the 60-30-10 of Communication

Lesson 9 – Techniques for Cooling Off Anger Responses

Lesson 10 – Practicing Assertiveness to Express Healthy Anger

Lesson 11 – The Importance of Setting Good Boundaries

Lesson 12 – Communication 101: Helpful tools to improve communication

Lesson 13 – Confronting denial, exposing scapegoating and accepting accountability

Lesson 14 – The more you do what you always did, the more you will get what you always got; the ABCs of Anger Busting

Lesson 15 – Understanding the fight or flight syndrome and the anger pressure cooker, the anger addiction cycle, and an anger evaluation tool.

Lesson 16 – Presents 16 angry behaviors that addicts should immediately stop engaging in for any reason.

Lesson 17 – Personalizing the Anger Pressure cooker to identify angry behaviors that are intensifying anger episodes. Includes assessment tools and behavior modification exercises.

Lesson 18 – Anger Addicts will learn to modify angry attitudes and behaviors by planning how they will face stressful situations before they occur.

Lesson 19 – Participants will learn the value of adopting more constructive values and belief systems, and study the first six positive belief system principles.

Lesson 20 – Participants will review 14 more positive belief system concepts, paying special attention to issues pertaining to forgiveness and balanced living.

Lesson 21 – Combines a value systems assessment tool with behavior modification exercises to help addicts develop strategies for changing the way they think and react in certain situations.

Lesson 22 – Challenges rageaholics to develop better communication skills for when they are in either the Deep Doghouse or the Shallow Doghouse

Lesson 23 – Includes exercises and assessment tools to help participants create safer and more effective communication processes with their wives.

Lesson 24 – Makes use of an old Indian parable to challenge addicts to see that the power to control anger comes from a simple choice each of them can – and must – make.

Those who have already completed this practical and powerful online course tell us it not only fulfills their court-mandated anger management requirement, it also REALLY WORKS! They have been able to improve the way they deal with anger, and it has made a big difference in their relationships with their spouses, friends and coworkers. It is also fast and easy to do!

The Online Anger Busting Anger Management Course is one of the most thorough and comprehensive programs of its kind. Everything you need to help you begin to CHANGE NOW is included. You can do the lessons from your computer in the comfort and privacy of your own home, accessing the course material one lesson at a time using passwords we provide for you after you register. All you have to supply is the courage and discipline to do the lessons, and then faithfully practice what you learn. When you have completed all 24 lessons and quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion you can present to the court.

Click here for information on how to register for the Online Anger Busting Anger Management Course using a major credit card. The fee is only $45 and signing up is easy so you can get started today!


In order to maintain our affordable rate of
$45.00 for the online course, live support is
NOT included with this fee.
Live support is available at an additional cost.

Good luck as you begin your road to recovery.

Jim Baker
Houston, Texas

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